Aubren’s client company Vaventis introduces fresh-r® for commercial and office application

Aubren’s client company Vaventis introduces fresh-r®, a pioneering indoor heat recovery ventilation system for commercial and office application. fresh-r® is perfect for commercial settings. Recent studies by Harvard University shows that sufficiently controlling CO2 concentration within an office environment has a significantly positive impact on crisis response, strategic planning, information processing and focused activity within employees. This means more focused and productive employees which can ultimately lead to increased profitability for the employers.

fresh-r® improves space atmosphere through smart ventilation to make a healthier working environment, while saving energy. Its high efficiency EC backward curved fan and patented heat exchanger expels stale indoor air while simultaneously taking in fresh air from outside.  To save energy, the incoming fresh air is preheated by the outgoing air through the heat exchanger, without mixing the airflows. The installation of fresh-r® is fast and simple with no pipes or ducts needed which makes installing fresh-r® easier than a conventional heat recovery ventilating systems. The intelligent system is Wi-Fi connected allowing management and employees to monitor indoor air quality at their discretion.

Having worked closely with Vaventis in the development of Fresh-r, we are excited by this new venture and look forward to its success in this new market.

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Download copy of the fresh-r® flyer click here


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