Helped Novaerus quickly launch a
successful, breakthrough product and
secure a key $10m investment


Quickly develop and launch a new product

Novaerus had made some significant new breakthroughs with their core plasma technology and needed to quickly get traction in the market for a new, innovative Electrostatic Air Cleaner. Novaerus were seeking to outsource as much as possible so they could stay focused on R&D and the commercial development of the business. They began searching for partners to help with product design, engineering, certifications, fabrication and fulfillment. Specifically they needed a design and engineering partner with expertise in both electro-mechanical design and aerodynamics.


Outsource the complete solution to one partner

Novaerus expected that they would need to collaborate with several partners. So they were delighted to discover that Aubren had expertise in their niche sector and could provide an end-to-end solution all under one roof.

Access to an experienced design and engineering team

Aubren provided Novaerus with an experienced, agile design team who contributed valuable ideas and quickly delivered high-quality prototypes, transforming their vision for the product into a detailed spec for cost effective production.

Agile, precise fabrication

Our advanced facility, lean manufacturing processes and expert team delivered fast, reliable and efficient volume fabrication. All the required UL and CE certifications were met. Our robust, documented and serialised end-of-line testing facilities ensured all relevant standards were met and that the product could gain immediate end user acceptance. A warranty programme was also implemented.

Aubren pack, store, ship and track deliveries worldwide

Aubren pack, store, ship and track deliveries worldwide for Novaerus, providing full traceability of product serial and shipment tracking numbers. Novaerus are confident that their deliveries are received by their clients on time and in perfect condition. All with minimal investment by Novaerus in warehouse or logistics facilities.


Super fast traction in the marketplace and a major investment secured to support a global roll out

The start up momentum achieved by Novaerus, with support provided by Aubren, positioned Novaerus to attract a $10 million investment from two industry leading healthcare investors from the US; Polaris Partners and Fidelity Biosciences. Having developed and certified the initial product, Novaerus are now working with Aubren to design, make and distribute a complete product suite.

This is a marvellous achievement and thanks in no small part to your team’s hard work...

UL, the independent safety science company, have informed us that the NV600 is approved as a Portable Electrostatic Air Cleaner. This is a marvellous achievement and thanks in no small part to your team’s hard work, diligence and co-operation with UL throughout the process. This certification goes to show what can be achieved when you get the right team together! Aubren are certainly an integral part of our team and our success. Thank you.
- Felipe Soberon, Chief Technologist, Novaerus.
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