A Turnkey Solution

Specialist design, engineering and manufacturing of products
to condition, control and monitor air.

BE Smart

Get more intelligent, higher quality, more energy efficient products.

BE focused

We've got the design and build. You can concentrate on growing sales.

BE lean

Our blend of expertise delivers a lean, cost effective total solution.

The capability to speed your growth

Access all the capability and services you need to get innovative, quality products to market in the fastest possible time, at the lowest possible cost.

A talented, highly specialist team

Our team of designers, engineers, fabricators and project managers all have deep expertise in the conditioning, control and monitoring of air within a wide range of applications including data centres, medical/healthcare cleanrooms and residential HVAC.

An advanced, highly specialist manufacturing facility

We operate a 3,000m2, highly-specialist, advanced manufacturing facility in Ireland. Our facility and operation has achieved several key industry standards including; ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. A facility which operates and produces to world class standards.

Access to an extensive, proven supply & support network

We have established relationships with a huge array of international components providers, we have extensive industry contacts and we work closely with technology leaders such as ebm- papst, Emerson and Carel. We have also built a network of specialist, capable, support partners in such areas as packaging design, compliance, marketing and intellectual property protection. Through Aubren you have direct and immediate access to an extensive, specialist, proven supply base.




industry contacts

Immediate access to 50,000+ components, 2,000+ industry contacts and a large network of support partners.

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