Aubren client company Vaventis wins Component Award

Accepting the 2018 Component Award for Fresh-r is (middle) Hans Arentsen, Lead Engineer and (right) Edward Hissink, Marketing Director

Congratulations to our client company Vaventis who’s Fresh-r® heat recovery ventilation concept was awarded first prize at the Component Award 2018, which took place at the Passive House Exhibition in München. The 2018 Component Award recognises cost-effective ventilation solutions for new residential construction with entries evaluated on life-cycle costs, practicability, architectural quality of integration of the unit and ducts as well as design.  The Vaventis win is based on a ventilation plan for a four-storey residential building, with four apartments on each floor and one Fresh-r® unit integrated in the façade of each apartment.

3D rendering of the ventilation plan submitted by Vaventis

Vaventis’s had previously been a recipient of the Component Award having won 2nd prize for best Ventilation concepts for energy retrofits in 2016. We believe that Fresh-r’s second win is a true testament of its ingenuity and the teams relentless pursuit in innovative, energy efficient indoor ventilation solutions.

The core of the fresh-r® unit is a patented fine wire heat exchanger that consists of 8 km ultra-thin copper wire with a total weight of less than 0.5 kg and a heat transfer coefficient of 400 W/mK.  As copper conducts heat 1000 times better than plastic – the conventional conductive material in other heat exchangers, it allows the Fresh-r heat exchanger to be both compact and effective.  Using ebm-papst fans, the low pressure drops in the heat exchanger and the aerodynamic design, fresh-r has the highest capacity on the market at 30dB(a). Intelligent CO2 and humidity sensors ensure that fresh-r only ventilates, when needed, with the power needed, resulting in higher overall efficiency.

Component award 2018: Ventilation Concept for new residential Building


About Aubren

Aubren works in collaboration with innovators in the air handling, cleantech and meditech sectors to design, produce and distribute outstanding air handling products, as well as manufacturers who require air handling components. The two-year collaboration with Vaventis has resulted in fresh-r® being launched in markets around the word with Aubren providing design, manufacturing and logistics support.

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