Health care infection control with scrub vending

The European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control reports an average prevalence of 7.1% in European countries and estimates that 4,131000 patients are affected by approximately 4,544100 episodes of health care-associated infection every year in Europe. Such infections can contribute to significant mortality and financial losses for health care providers. With advances in modern hygiene and medicine, health care professionals are now focusing on one of the last bastions of contagion: improperly managed scrub uniforms worn by hospital staff.

A health study was undertaken at Duke University Hospital, North Carolina to understand the “transmission triangle” in a healthcare setting, between patients, the environment where care is administered, and the health care provider. During the study, researchers collected cultures from the scrubs of intensive care unit nurses before and after each 12hour shift period. Examinations of the cultures found organisms on the nurse’s scrubs that were not present at the beginning of a shift, but were present at the end.

The researchers focused on five pathogens known to cause hard-to-treat infections, including MRSA. Analysis found 12 instances when at least one of the five pathogens was transmitted from the patient or the room to the scrubs. Six incidents each involved transmission from patient to nurse and room to nurse. An additional ten transmissions were from the patient to the room.

This study demonstrates the critical need for preventative solutions against cross contamination of pathogens between patient and hospital staff attire.  ScrubTrak, an intelligent scrub dispensing system helps control the risk of healthcare associated   contamination by providing an automated process for receiving and returning used scrubs.  A constant supply of clean, contagion-free scrubs, encourages medical staff to change as soon as they have any concerns about carrying pathogens. The standalone return unit allows greater flexibility in location, enabling ease and speed in exchanging used scrubs. The ScrubTrak iQ software system provides real-time data that allows the managers to confidently ensure that the hospital is complying with infection control measures.

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