Intelligent vending machines: Changing inventory control for businesses

When we say vending machine, it is understandable that you would immediately think of confectionery drinks and granola bars. But for many businesses, particularly large industrial companies, high tech vending machines are the answer to a simple desire: we want to control and track the supplies our employees take.

Consumables such as personal protective equipment, tools, stationary materials or IT accessories are some of the most difficult items for a business to monitor.  A supply office or service desk with a dedicated employee ‘gatekeeper’ can slow down valuable employee time with paperwork and bureaucracy. While the old school technique of keeping an open supply closet with all the requisite tools can result in uncontrolled and untracked usage.

A new breed of high tech vending machines are providing a simple way to track, and account for any manner of consumables and office supplies. These sophisticated vending units are equipped with online real-time tracking, allowing authorised users to see how often and how much of each item is actually been used. High tech vending machines can also provide inventory efficiency by enabling the managers to determine and sustain the appropriate inventory levels. Alerts can be sent via email or text to warn of low stock position, power loss, connectivity issues, etc.   Where an employee badge, identification number or code is used to gain access to facilities, the same ID system can be utilised to provide authentication at the dispensing machine hereby providing a means of accountability and control for the supplies. Administrators can also set limits on the number of items a user may take out at a time. Restrictions on usage can even be adjusted on a departmental level by authorised administrators.

These are just some of the ways in which intelligent vending units enables management to maintain visibility and control of consumables. To learn more about our range of specialised vending machines for manufacturing, office, healthcare or industrial applications, contact Aubren and we will help you find the right solution for your business.

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