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Sustainable integrated design receives award in EO Wijers competition


Transform innovative concepts into customer ready products

Jon Kristinsson is a renowned Dutch architect, particularly in the area of sustainability, having developed numerous innovations, such as the ‘Breathing Window’; a revolutionary, smart decentralised ventilation system which monitors each room individually.

More recently, Jon developed a new concept which enables high efficiency of a heat pump for domestic heating and cooling applications, a product known as the ‘HCCV19’ (HeatCoolCleanVent). To transform his innovative concept into a customer ready product, Jon required a multi-disciplined partner with expertise in product design, manufacturing and distribution. A partner to make his idea tangible so it was ready for manufacture and for the market.


Multi-disciplined partner to design, make & deliver


Although Jon is no stranger to aerodynamics and fan technology, the design team at Aubren provided expert advice on selecting the required air movers for the HCCV19. Drawing on their experience in the HVAC arena, Aubren engineers developed a method for controlling fan speed, thus ensuring minimum noise levels and minimum power consumption. 3D product models were quickly created to enable manufacturing.


Aubren provided Jon with an advanced facility, lean manufacturing processes and an expert team to deliver the high quality product finishes necessary for these residential applications. Customised fixtures were developed to ensure that the heat exchangers could be manufactured in a repeatable manner. Our robust, documented and serialised end-of-line testing facilities ensured all relevant standards for the product were met.


Aubren pack, store, ship and track deliveries worldwide for the HCCV19, providing full traceability of product serial and shipment tracking numbers. Jon is confident that his deliveries are received by clients on time and in perfect condition.


Original concept drawings of the HCCV19 as drawn by Jon Kristinsson showing heating, cooling and ventilation modes.

Original concept drawings of the HCCV19 as drawn by Jon Kristinsson showing heating, cooling and ventilation modes.


Submission awarded at EO Wijers competition

Jon Kristinsson was a key member of Heritage High Tech 2030’s award winning submission to the Eo Wijers competition. The submission focused in particular on low energy solutions to heat the existing housing stock in The Netherlands and included the HCCV19 air heating, cooling, cleaning and ventilation unit developed with Jon Kristinsson. The HCCV19 delivers energy savings of up to 60% over existing technologies, a remarkably high COP (Coefficient of Performance) of between 7 to 9 and has extremely low noise operation.


The people at Aubren show dedication, creativity and passion...

I admire the openness and receptiveness shown by Aubren when confronted with our ideas and concepts. The way that Aubren investigate and share their creativity well before any commercial effect is apparent and impressive to me. The people at Aubren show dedication, creativity and passion merging technological solutions. Using flexible production methods, rough ideas and prototypes are brought to the next level approaching a customer usable product. The ability of Aubren to understand the customer challenge and focus on possibilities and solutions is a rare competence.
- Jon Kristinsson, Architectural Engineer, Inventor, Emeritus Professor Delft University of Technology.
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