LCC Algeria

Algerian Mobile Network Operator achieves up to 50% savings in energy costs


Manage high heat loads at minimum cost, even in harsh environments

LCC Algeria is a recognised leader in providing wireless voice and data turn-key services to telecommunications clients in Algeria. They are committed to offering innovative solutions, insight into cutting-edge developments and delivering advanced networking services. They work closely with a major Algerian moblile network operator who will invest over €1bn in infrastructure improvements and double the number of base stations in the coming years.

A key operational requirement was managing the high heat loads at the new mobile radio base station sites across Algeria. Overheating of equipment can cause breakages which result in network downtime and can also incur huge energy costs. To minimise such risk, LCC Algeria required a partner who could provide robust and energy efficient ‘packaged air conditioner units’, which are easily installed and maintained. A solution which could optimise the temperature of network equipment, thereby preserving network uptime and reducing energy costs.


A customised solution; DAQS TC600 precision environmental control system

To provide the best fit solution, Aubren customised a product from our DAQS TC600 range. It included the following features to meet the specific client needs:

  • A freecooling damper allowing the room load to be cooled directly using outside air.
  • The mechanical cooling circuit integrated within one cabinet, eliminating the need for on-site refrigerant piping and outdoor condensers, thus ensuring a very simple installation.
  • A microprocessor controller monitoring indoor and outdoor air temperature and air cleanliness and ensuring accurate machine response to room load conditions.
  • Customised alarm functionality providing general and critical alarm outputs to the client monitoring system.

Aubren fully manage the logistics to ensure the products arrive safely at the Port of Algiers, ready for collection by LCC Algeria. We also provide on site commissioning, training and technical support to ensure products are installed as intended. Local engineers are available 24/7 for immediate response and spare parts are held locally to ensure rapid replacement in the unlikely event of component failure.


Up to 50% energy savings achieved

Using the DAQS equipment, the mobile network operator is saving up to 50% on previous energy costs to cool the base stations (dependent on heat load and site location). Due to its success, LCC Algeria are planning roll out of DAQs equipment to another 600 sites over the next 18 months.

We can honestly state that the DAQS solution is the best...

Since our arrival in Algeria in 2001, we have come across many brands offering specialist air conditioning solutions for telecom applications. We can honestly state that the DAQS solution is the best, in terms of reliability and ease of installation and maintenance. These are critical factors for us as the equipment must run continuously in harsh environmental conditions.
- Henri Savoldelli, Head of Deployment Services, LCC Algeria (A TECH MAHINDRA COMPANY).
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