Novaerus achieves enhanced testing capabilities through bespoke test sampling equipment


Improve testing capabilities

Novaerus, a pioneering healthcare technology company, developed the first and only scientifically proven plasma based air purification system for airborne infection control. The effectiveness of air purification technology is under scrutiny by healthcare professionals and organisations therefore rigorous tests and studies are central in ensuring and proofing the effectiveness of Novaerus’ plasma technology.

Having worked with Aubren in the past, Novaerus engaged Aubren to design and build a solution that would enable their engineers to safely undertake critical studies on the effectiveness of their air purification units. The equipment must be large enough to meet the capacity needs of their entire product range yet suitable for transportation requirements.  To prevent the likelihood of contaminants, such solution must also be fully airtight.


Bespoke Bio Test Chamber

Drawing on their expertise in mechanical engineering and air management, Aubren’s engineers developed a bespoke bio test chamber which allowed Novaerus to efficiently test the efficacy of their air purification units in a controlled volumetric space.  With a cubic capacity of 1.6m³, the test chamber is large enough to accommodate every unit across Novaerus’ product range yet small enough to be transported through any standard door way.   The test equipment also features:

  • Automatic chamber evacuation cycles through high efficiency particulate air and active-carbon filters
  • extra-large observation window
  • IP67 power points for EU, UK & USA application

The bio test chamber was also constructed and tested by Aubren to European Standard EN 1886.


Enhanced Testing Capabilities

The Novaerus plasma technology can be now be exposed to defined variations of environmental factors to evaluate its effects as well as to facilitate future research and development endeavours.

They are top quality and they will be a great addition to Novaerus.

Thank you very much for all your help and expertise in creating the test chambers for us. They are really top quality and they will be a great addition to Novaerus.
- Kevin Devlin, Vice President, Novaerus
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