Smart Hygiene introduces the SteriGrip™ a Revolution in Door Handle Hygiene


At Aubren, we love innovative products and we believe the SteriGrip™ from our client company Smart Hygiene is set to revolutionise hand hygiene compliance in public buildings, greatly reducing the potential for cross contamination and spread of infectious diseases.  At best, human compliance with good hand hygiene practices is typically only 40 to 50%. The SteriGrip™ removes the need for compliance regardless who used the door before you.

The SteriGrip™ completely and silently cleans and disinfects the surface before you need to use it, ensuring a guaranteed fresh and disinfected handle surface every time. This product completely eradicated the door handle as part of the disease transmission cycle and does so using a simple and robust solution powered exclusively using free energy created by the opening of the door. Keeping you in control of your own personal hand hygiene.

The product is particularly suited for use in hospitals/ healthcare, restaurants, hotels, office buildings, schools, public transport hubs.

We wish Smart Hygiene every success with the launch. Watch their video below to find out more.


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