State of the art vending units can help healthcare and manufacturing facilities save on costs, improve efficiency and reduce contamination risks.

Today more than ever, hospitals, EMS providers, pharmaceutical and other healthcare organizations face the increasing challenge of providing higher quality patient care while reducing operating costs.  Medical vending units are the latest developments to help healthcare organisations and professionals meet those challenges.  Vending units are not just restricted to supplying sweets, crisp, and sugary beverages. Their application are been widened to include medical and pharmaceutical supplies such as scrubs, uniforms, prescription drugs, tools and equipment.

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, in partnership with Aubren limited are offering intelligent vending machines to combat inventory shrinkage, maintain safety and sanitation, manage supply access while also increasing the bottom line.  These solution includes ScrubTrak™, an intelligent scrub dispensing solution and UCapIt, a steel locking Controlled Access Pharmaceutical Dispenser (CAP).

From an efficiency perspective, ScrubTrak provides full control over inventory management. Using advanced inventory software and a cloud-based tracking system, ScrubTrak helps medical facilities efficiently manage their scrub supply and ensures that doctors, nurses and techs have a ready supply of scrubs. Personnel can enter a pin number or swipe their employee ID card to access scrubs, and use the same procedure to return items. This simple, rapid procedure reduces cost incurred as a result of hoarding, shortages and unauthorized use.  ScrubTrak also provides the ideal solution in controlling risk of contamination in healthcare organizations.  A constant supply of clean, contagion-free scrubs, encourages medical staff to change as soon as they have any concern about carrying pathogens. The standalone return unit allows greater flexibility in location, enabling ease and speed in exchanging used scrubs.

For managing security, documentation and inventory of controlled substances and equipment, Intelligent Dispensing Solutions formulated UCapIt™. UCapIt™ maintains control and access through security features such ID checks including pin number, proximity card reader, bar code ID scanner and biometric (fingerprint) reader  as well as prompting for station or dispatch specific data. The UCapIt’s IQ software system enables instant access to real-time machine information which can be retrieved from any device with an active web connection.  Though the IQ system, dispensing history can also be aggregated into reports, allowing management to make real-time data-driven decisions on cost and productivity.  Alerts can be sent to key personnel via email, pager or mobile device to warn of low stock level, loss of power or expiration of perishable product – a useful feature in preventing the likelihood distributing substandard or ineffective drugs or substances.

About Intelligent Dispensing Solutions

Intelligent Dispensing Solutions (IDS) manufactures and provides cutting edge dispensing and inventory management solutions across four primary market segments: EMS supplies and pharmaceuticals, medical scrubs, office supplies and IT peripherals, and MRO / PPE supplies.


About Aubren Limited

Aubren designs, develops and distributes products in collaboration with innovators in air handling, cleantech and meditech sectors and manufacturers who require air handling components. In partnership with Intelligent Dispensing Solutions, Aubren supplies and distributes Scrub Trak and UCapIt to a variety of sectors including pharmaceutical, medical and industrial clients.

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