Aubren acquires SoloRAD business.

Aubren acquires SoloRAD business.

The patented SoloRAD hydronic heating units reduce boiler running costs dramatically, are extremely small and allow independent temperature control of an area. No other system offers such precise control and economy, bringing significant reduction in fuel bills. The team at Aubren have long admired the benefits of SoloRAD and are excited to now add the full product range to our offering. With our network of partners across Europe, the Middle East and Africa, we aim to exploit the benefits of SoloRAD in new markets.


The benefits that we couldn’t ignore

Ideal for use with heat pumps and condensing boilers

Because SoloRAD operates effectively at much lower water temperatures than radiators, condensing boilers will condense under all load circumstances, resulting in massive energy savings. SoloRAD is also ideal for use with heat pumps.

Rapid heat-up and response times

A SoloRAD terminal will generate significant heat immediately, once hot water becomes available to it. For example, a radiator delivering 6kW typically requires 25.5 times more energy before it starts to heat than SoloRAD.

Individual temperature control zones

SoloRAD can operate on a single flow and return pipe system, allowing zoning by grouping areas electrically and feeding them from time clocks or switches. This eliminates the need for zone valves and piping complexity.


Aubren’s key strengths rewarded

Prior to acquiring SoloRAD, Aubren had manufactured its product range for over a decade and contributed greatly to its commercial success. It is now anticipated that the design team at Aubren will adapt the product to suit new markets along with re-designing the controls to allow for interfacing the units with smart technology. Watch this space!

SoloRAD is successful in Ireland, but the market is finite. Earlier this year I was strategising about how we could enter export markets. The team at Aubren have been paramount to the success of SoloRAD to date, but we had primarily viewed them as a manufacturing partner. I was aware that they distributed products in a number of different markets so it was a strategic fit for them to acquire the SoloRAD business. They have the expertise and network to grow the brand and this really excites me.”

Vincent Fox, Owner, Energy Remedies Ltd.



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