Improve Efficiency,
Reduce Energy Costs.

A complete EC fan retrofit package, proven to increase AHU efficiency and significantly reduce energy costs.

Aubren’s EC AHU fan retrofit package is a proven solution that helps in reducing operating costs and CO2 emissions, while improving fan performance and offering greater reliability.

The EC retrofit package

Cost-effective, reliable, retrofit fans

Using the latest in fan technology, Aubren’s retrofit solutions are engineered to seamlessly replace older, less efficient AHU fans, with modern, high-performance, reliable, energy efficient ebm-papst fans. This advanced solution offers a more cost effective alternative to replacing existing equipment, delivering greater redundancy, and reducing ongoing maintenance costs. All precisely planned, designed, and manufactured by an expert team.

How we do it

Bespoke kits with full technical support

Our expert team assess your existing AHU unit, define what’s needed, then design and manufacture a solution to your specific needs. The easy to install, plug and play ready kit, will feature single or multiple fans, with controls specifically designed for your unique AHU. All backed by a full technical proposal highlighting the costs, projected CO2 and energy savings, payback period, and control strategy.

Why Aubren?

A proven solution from an expert team

Technical Proposal

Detailed technical proposal, with projected costs and savings.

Fully Bespoke

Bespoke units and software designed to your requirements.

Easy set-up

Plug and play ready kit, featuring all ancillary equipment and controls.

Specialist team

Designed and manufactured by a specialist, in-house team.

ebm-papst fans

Featuring the latest fan technology, from our partners ebm-papst.

Expert support

Full technical support from an expert team.

The value

  • Increased fan reliability and performance.
  • Reduced operating and energy costs.
  • Reduced carbon emissions.
  • Reduce maintenance costs.
  • No significant capital investment in equipment.


additional business



Large contractors servicing 500 AHU’s could replace 3,000 fans at a cost of €2,000. Resulting in an extra €6million worth of business from existing customers who also enjoy a saving of 40%+.

Market: Retrofit

A cool 80% in energy savings.

In a carefully planned and optimally prepared campaign, the leading Swiss dairy processor Emmi at its Suhr site, is replacing AC fans on 69 coolers with modern EC variants, while they are still in operation.

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Market: Retrofit

Indoor climate improve 316 times.

“Djingis Khan” is one of Sweden’s largest residential complexes in Lund. It was named after a popular Student farce held at Lunds University. Built in the 1970s, the ventilation technology of the 316 apartments became outdated. Time for a retrofit with economical EC technology from ebm-papst.

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Talk to a retrofit expert.

If you’re interested in learning more about how our solution can help reduce your energy costs, please get in touch with Rory Farrelly for more information.

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DAQS DM Series acquired by Akrivis.

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