Aubren partners with Queen’s University Belfast under the InterTradeIreland Fusion programme


Pictured (left) Paul Crawford, Aubrey Nuzum, Dr John Tynan, Dr Jing Deng and Jim Fitzsimons


Aubren Ltd has partnered with Queen’s University Belfast under the InterTradeIreland Fusion programme to develop smart communication technology for its brand of low temperature radiators, Solo Radiator.

Aubren designs and develops ‘own brand’ and ‘client brand’ air management products into industry sectors including, road transport refrigeration, hospital critical room air handling, telecommunication and IT infrastructure cooling, data centre cooling, heat recovery and ventilation of domestic homes.

Presently, Aubren manufactures and distributes Solo Radiator, a patented fan coil low temperature radiator.  The Solo system which like conventional heating systems is water based.  However, unlike conventional heating, Solo Radiators advanced hydronic terminals utilises small quantities of water at low temperatures and will generate heat when and where needed with no warm up time.  The objective of the Fusion project is to modify Solo Radiators control system for smart communications and to be compatible with globally adapted platforms for home comfort control, reporting and management.  Speaking at the project launch meeting, Aubrey Nuzum, Managing Director of Aubren Ltd. states ‘the programe coincides with our plans for further product development to progress as an innovator in energy efficient heating solutions.  The “connected home market” is ever growing and customers want energy consuming or comfort related devices in the home or indeed any occupied space to be WEB connected, controllable and multifunctional.  Consumers expect that they can monitor and control energy usage and comfort levels from a remote location through an App’.

Jim Fitzsimons, the Fusion consultant for the Solo Radiator project said ‘The Fusion programme facilitates an exciting opportunity to partner academia and industry in an efficient way.   R&D and innovation is at the core of growth for any business but bringing new technologies to life can be costly and not all companies possess the right in house specialist expertise to do so. Fusion provides support by helping to fund a high calibre science or engineering graduate and partnering them with a third level institution with the specific expertise’.  Through the InterTradeIreland Fusion project, Aubren’s Senior Design Engineer, Dr John Tynan will be partnering with Queen’s University Belfast’s Dr Jing Deng and Prof Kang Li.  Critical to this partnership is Prof Kang Li international reputation as a leading scholar on intelligent systems and control with over 25 years research experience on industrial system modelling, control and optimization, with substantial applications to energy and power systems and manufacturing; and Dr Jing Deng rich experience in electronic design, internet of things applications, cloud computing, system and intelligent control.

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